Executive Summary of Freakonomics available for free download

Freakonomics was one of the biggest bestsellers so far on Economics. I was pleased to see that they have a 24 pg. Student’ Guide available for free download on their website. Those who haven’t read this lovely book should head over pronto and read this summary. For others, this can be a wonderful recap.


Interesting McKinsey article on Pratham, an Indian educational NGO

The McKinsey Quarterly had an interesting article on Pratham the Indian educational NGO. I have been keeping myself updated on Pratham’s activities through its website at http://www.pratham.org. They are indeed making great progress on the educational front and especially getting visibility internationally. Pratham recently came out with the landmark Annual State of Education Report (ASER 2005) has also launched library initiatives in various places.

Also worth checking out is the Education World website.

Fantastic free course on Software Testing and Quality Assurance

In searching for courses on Software Testing and Quality Assurance, came across this fantastic, free resource: Center for Software Testing Education & Research at the Florida Institute of Technology. They have taken a revolutionary approach by providing the videos of the classes completely free for students and teachers for self-study at their own pace. Among the faculty are gurus like Cem Kaner and topics covered range from Black Box Testing to Automated testing.