Using Google to find stereotypes and prejudices

Based on the idea of The Prejudice Map of the World, I decided to localize it to India, specifically two of the vibrant castes within India – the Gujaratis and the Punjabis. Here are the findings (as of May 3rd 2006):

Gujaratis are known for:

  • grit
  • entrepreneurship
  • Dandiya and Garba
  • pickles and chutneys
  • hospitality
  • business and trade
  • entrepreneurial skills
  • sweets

Punjabis are known for:

  • hard work
  • carpentry
  • creativity
  • boisterous humour
  • rich foods
  • loud, opulent and flamboyant weddings
  • extroverted nature
  • incredibly laid-back, blase demeanour, but steely resolve

Another very interesting website to find out what Google thinks of someone is Googlism.

Original idea for this post by Google Blogoscoped [via Napsterization].

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