Guy Kawasaki on evangelising your Blog

Guy Kawasaki has useful suggestions for bloggers to get more visibility [via Emergic]:

  1. Think “book” not “diary.”
  2. Answer the little man.
  3. Collect email addresses.
  4. Collect links for blog rolling.
  5. Scoop stuff.
  6. Supplement other bloggers with a followup entries.
  7. Acknowledge and respond to commenters.
  8. Ask for help.
  9. Be bold.
  10. Make it easy to join up.

Maybe the most controversial one is where he asks bloggers to be more disciplined and treat their blogs as books not diaries. I think that would be contrary to the whole philosophy of spontaneity in blogging. Anyways, an interesting post and he has some useful links as well…

4 thoughts on “Guy Kawasaki on evangelising your Blog

  1. Shirley, I agree that a blog should not be considered a diary. Some thought should definitely go into the posts and they should also be readable and grammatically correct…

    But neither should a blog be thought of as a book. The perfection and analysis that writing a book demands would completely rob blogging of its spontaneity. Also, I somehow am against the idea of re-editing posts after they have been published (except for some glaring errors).

    But then again, that’s the beauty of blogging – each blogger has their own opinion which makes every blog so characteristic and individual.

    As far as Guy’s point of marketing the blog goes, I wholeheartedly agree 🙂


  2. I also read Guy Kawasaki’s informative article, and left a comment. He practices what he preaches, for he responded to my message.

    Although I haven’t completely thought it through, I probably agree with Mr. Kawasaki’s point number 1, and I don’t think it would interefere with spontaneity. A good book is ALWAYS a rewritten one. Plenty of time to improve on it after the post.

    Blessings as always,



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