Spice up your smartphone!

I have an Audiovox SMT5600 smartphone loaded with all the cool software “essentials” 🙂 Here are a few pointers to cool stuff which you can use to spice up your smartphone:

  • SpashID Password Manager (syncs between desktop and phone) http://www.splashdata.com/splashid/
  • Microsoft Pocket Streets (maps and directions on the phone)
  • Gmail (POP option) can be configured to work with the phone’s email client
  • Outlook on your phone can access your corp Outlook server (provided the option has been enabled at the server)
  • GasLog (track your km/litre) www.supware.net
  • HandyConverter – metric / imperial conversion
  • Jerre.Convert – forex conversion
  • NewsBreak – news reader www.iliumsoft.com
  • ShopEdge – amazon.com client
  • weather – www.connectedbits.com
  • Wordnet Dictionary – www.ebswift.com
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