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Free Indian and other TV Channels online! April 24, 2006

Posted by exertia in India, Internet, TV.

Edited on Jan 23, 2008 (removed dead links, added working links). Sites with constantly updated free links to Indian channels:

iDesiTV.com – Internet Desi TV




1. exertia - May 1, 2006

Some more additions:

BBC 24 hrs News

100+ channels from around the world

deep - July 24, 2010

watch free live indian and pakistani channels

moulasoomro - April 1, 2011

desi tv is nice pl pl indus vsion pk health tv pk handi moves cooking channels pk open pl pl pl

Anonymous - July 24, 2010

watch live indian channels 100 percent free on maujmastian.com

2. Sandeep - May 20, 2006

Is there any other link where we can watch indian news online. CNN IBN is not working . its too slow !!!

3. exertia - May 22, 2006

This is the only other free Indian news channel I could find:

DD News

Anonymous - July 24, 2010

sorryyyy but we could not find

Anonymous - October 17, 2010

krazy community

4. sherry - July 20, 2006

i like this web site too much.its too informatic and let me knew by new reports.thanx

5. alihaider - August 3, 2006

very good work

6. shiva - September 12, 2006


7. purti - September 18, 2006

can i watch sahara,star utsav and star plus

8. Basheer Abubakar - September 30, 2006


9. Pravin - October 2, 2006

happy to see our country tv programs staying in usi misstv programes serials iam very greatfullto you people thank you

10. Pravin - October 2, 2006


11. jashan - October 4, 2006

does the doordarshan and espn work? doesnt work for me

12. maged zaki - October 20, 2006

thanks for all

13. maged zaki - October 20, 2006

thanks for u forever

14. yazib - November 19, 2006

why dosen’t the doordarshan works on my media player.

please e-mail me at yazib_undertaker@hotmail.com

15. deepank - January 1, 2007

well a cool site but yes if anyone has link of viewing star plus, star one or sony then plz mail me at deepank111@yahoo.com.

rina - August 13, 2010

I have found this really cool site to watch all main indian channels,it’s clean and simple …i am glad i foud it ,plus all the links are WOrkingg..www.tv121.blogspot.com

16. shelly - January 18, 2007

where did you get those bargains?

17. akash gupta - February 4, 2007

lot of channels ||||

18. Gyanesh Jain - February 16, 2007

Why Doordarshan doesn’t work in Media player
please mail me at gyanjain19@gmail.com

19. Jay - March 4, 2007

try http://www.idesitv.com it has all the indian chanels everyone!!

20. sandhu from amritsar vikas nagar - March 29, 2007

if anybody knows how can we see worldcup matches

21. sandhu from amritsar vikas nagar - March 29, 2007

tell me please thanks u guys

22. manpreet - April 5, 2007

hi i am manpreet

23. swati ghosh - April 12, 2007

cud anyone possibly tell me how to watch kaun banega crorepati 3 online?my husband stays in russia ..is there any possible way he culd see it on the net or downlaod the episodes even on sponsored sites…

24. Dinesh - May 15, 2007

A wonderful website to watch Indian Movies, TV channels, Yoga Videos, All about Ayurveda, etc.

25. amir - June 22, 2007

alovely website to watch hindi movies

shumaila - January 9, 2010

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Anonymous - January 15, 2010

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umer - July 9, 2010

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26. dinu - June 28, 2007

A place to watch indian movies, tv channels, To Learn yoga and Ayurveda,cooking and lots more.
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27. sayed - July 16, 2007

its a good side.

28. Harsh - July 17, 2007

if you want to watch indian movies and tv shows then go on http://www.muft.tv

29. Anonymous - July 21, 2007


Free Cricket, Live Hq Channels, Movies………

30. bhavik - July 23, 2007


31. sri - July 26, 2007

i can’t watch d serial at http://www.infomaza.com.why?giv me any idea….

32. FALGUNI - July 30, 2007

i need add for yoga for u on zee tv

33. mukesh kumar - August 6, 2007

when i see all hindi indian channels
please hellp

thanks and regards
mukesh kumar

Anonymous - April 27, 2010

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34. ajit - August 9, 2007

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35. ajit - August 9, 2007

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36. paul soliera - August 10, 2007

bohat hi vadia kita e minnu duske http://www.infomoza.com ethe sub kuchh free e

37. Manzoor Ahmed - August 13, 2007

Want to see star plus

zahid - April 11, 2010

pan nu lan ja koi challa ve do

38. may - August 16, 2007

Can anyone give me a site where I can actually watch Sahara One tv channel live? I have checked all the sites that have Sahara One listed but I can not view it. PLEASE PLEASE someone help me. Thanks

ps: my email is mayl515@yahoo.com. THanks again

39. Kamal - August 19, 2007

Is it possible to see AASTHA Channel online. If someone knows plz send me the URL at kbdash2000@yahoo.com.


40. raja49 - August 21, 2007

I woul ilke to watch indian tvs & moovie channels

41. amar - September 1, 2007

i miss my daily soaps

42. Ruah - September 10, 2007

Thanks for all the links,they are working. All the best!

43. rabbani - October 8, 2007

hi kase ho

44. agni - October 10, 2007

its good

45. fahad - November 17, 2007

good ……..

46. Schneider - November 19, 2007

live-tv-channels.com, just click and watch, no link broken

47. khan - November 24, 2007

can anyone tell me how can i watch indian movie channel( good quelity i mean)

this is my email plz let me know . salman_khan_be@hotmail.com

48. ada - December 7, 2007

FREE live indian CHANNELS, no registration required, WATCH NOW

49. vatsal - December 18, 2007

hi guys
who want to free cricket,live channel.bollysongs.etc

ragister in this web


thanxx buddy

50. vatsal - December 19, 2007
51. Anonymous - December 20, 2007

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52. dhavanit - December 27, 2007


53. dhavanit - December 27, 2007


54. deepak - January 10, 2008

Here is a cool site that is a free Indian TV channel, pioTV.Com Also Indian TV Live.com has a bunch of free channels including DD news and more.

55. sharda - January 10, 2008

I would like to commend all who are involved in giving us audience such wonderful programmesvia your channel. My favourite is Yoga For u. I particularly like the health tips (herbal) that Dr Pankaj gives.

56. krisai - January 11, 2008

i want to watch sahara one live.can anyone send sum websites.pls

57. sharda dhakal - January 17, 2008


58. Pawan Pareek - January 20, 2008

Hi Ever1, I have a gr8 website , where u can watch..lots of Indian Channels..or i should rather say…all the Indian channels….so here is the link….www.watchanytv.com

59. deepak - January 28, 2008

what does everyone think of pioTV.Com? They just came out with coverage of Pravasi Bharatiya Divas which is pretty interesting. Heres the link to the videos: Watch Exclusive Coverage of Pravasi

60. james - February 9, 2008

free oldies

61. Priyank Patel - February 19, 2008

Lots of channels and videos at http://www.desimedia.com

tell me what u think.

62. priti - February 29, 2008

can anyone tell me how can i watch hungama tv (india) online.

63. NITESH - March 5, 2008



64. Priyanka - March 9, 2008

contains loads of indian, pakistani and bangladeshi channels…and all of them work.

65. Priyanka - March 13, 2008
66. Mr Tandel Maileh - March 15, 2008

Hi everybody,
thanks for best online tv chanel site, this site is very best for watch all tv chanels, Thanks.

67. live-india.info - March 21, 2008

Try Live India Gadget.
The best way to watch live Indian TV and listen to streaming Indian radio stations.


68. BITTU DHONI - April 5, 2008


69. Readul - April 8, 2008

Want Ten Sports

70. sara - April 18, 2008
71. Hawa - April 27, 2008

Watch around 50 Indian and Pakistani Tv Channels including some famous one like Sony, SonyMax, Star Plus, Geo Webtv, B4U movies, B4U music and many more.

so, visit it at http://www.zonepk.com/webtv/


72. Neema - May 4, 2008

here is a site where all indian channels are available..


73. mahira - May 6, 2008

hi, i watch dil milgayy serial

74. Neema - May 15, 2008

here is one more site

u can find all hindi channels
here …..star plus ,zeetv and all others

75. amir - May 17, 2008

this is very good

76. laden - May 19, 2008

http://www.infomaza.in Best Place For Nonstop Entertainment & Informations.

77. newuser - May 25, 2008

Is there a site to watch the IPL matches live?

78. kausar - May 31, 2008

can anybody tell me where can i see old hindi movies like year in 1960,

79. dolly - June 3, 2008

i want 2 c astha .iheard this site is good

80. jasleen - June 11, 2008

not working plz help me

81. JP - June 12, 2008


Jagat - August 10, 2010

in gujarat- sarangpur…hanuman mandir…idol of hanuman placed by gopalanand swami..saint of swaminarayan bhagwan

82. mekail - June 17, 2008

hi download internet channel of indian

83. Manoyit - June 17, 2008

Watch free world TV at KHIPTV.com

84. imarn - June 20, 2008

who are you

85. Manoyit - June 28, 2008

Watch Free Live TV at KHIPTV.COM

86. ZR - June 28, 2008
87. guru - July 4, 2008

i want see free indian chanal .pls help me any body.

88. sat - July 6, 2008

Just Launched http://www.indiagalaxy.com – Live TV from India

89. khan - July 12, 2008

– Internet Desi TV


all indian chanal

90. sara - July 15, 2008

Free Online TV – Watch Tons of live TV Channels on the Internet with Channelshub | http://www.channelshub.com – Live stream channels

91. Iftikhar - July 16, 2008

All Indian TV channels for free on-line please visit http://freetvtoday.com

92. http://www.myfreetvsite.com - July 30, 2008
93. ash - July 30, 2008

hi here are some sites where you watch zee tv and lots more
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94. vani - July 30, 2008

hi,thank you all for the websites.you all are doing a great and helpful.thanks

95. Allahu99 - August 13, 2008

where I Can Watch Free Hindi Tv Channels Free Online….
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96. bin - August 15, 2008

Visit canadanepal.blogspot.com so u can view Star Plus Sony Tv And Etc
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97. wanttoberich - August 18, 2008

here also is free internet tv program


98. Rajesh - August 18, 2008

i want to see NDTV Imagine, colors plz gove me a link

99. amit - August 19, 2008

i want to see cartoonnetwork please give me a lonk

100. Imran khan - August 20, 2008

Sir I want watch indian tv channel in my laptop how ? and what need speed of my internet?

101. shahbaz - August 22, 2008

HI hower you agar koi meri maddat karna chata ho plez kar de plez plezplez moje notional chanal dd1 hai jo india ka wahan par har touseday ko raat indain time ke matabiq raat 10 baje ek drama lagta hai (chandarmukhi) main ne wo aada dekha hai plez koi moje send kar dey plez mari id
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102. Jose - August 22, 2008

dear all,
i like to get online news malayalam news.. can u pls give a link..

103. sat - August 22, 2008

http://www.IndiaGalaxy.com this site has all the indian channels and very clean.

104. suman - August 26, 2008

where can i get AASTA channel ?

105. husnain - August 30, 2008

pakistan news channel geo is also available on line and u can watch it on its website http://www.geo.tv…………………………………is any indian news channel other than ndtv on line available ………………..
husnain lahore pakistan

106. saima - September 7, 2008

you can watch zee tv & zee cinema on
http://www.free-tv-channels but these channels on work on internet explorer…

107. Myfreetvsite.com - September 24, 2008


108. Rahulkumar-Amrli - September 27, 2008

Hello !!
Can i get AASTA channel

109. asim - October 5, 2008

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110. ifra - October 19, 2008

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112. Aamer Minhas - October 23, 2008

I like indian channels.All channels are very well.But i like Zee sports very much.

113. vaidehi hardikar - October 27, 2008

Hi does anyone know where I can view NDTV profit and Zee buisness channel, free or paid as the case may be

114. Anonymous - October 31, 2008

i cant play any channel how to play can some body guide me plz

115. Waheed Tabassum - November 7, 2008

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We want to watch live channels on internet
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117. sachin - November 9, 2008

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118. show - November 12, 2008

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119. sann - November 13, 2008

i want to know where i can watch india england cricket live on pc unpaid channels

120. januje - November 17, 2008

i want to know how i can watch india channels star plus

121. tejas - November 20, 2008

can I watch some indian channels like aajtak, starplus, some music channels free.

122. Anonymous - December 21, 2008

hi pls tel mr wr i can watch ndtv imagine frm india

123. Myinfomaza.com - January 8, 2009


124. Asim - January 12, 2009

watch live indian pakistani tv channels at http://www.hangamapoint.com/live-tv-channels/

125. sara - January 18, 2009

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126. Munna Bhai - January 28, 2009


127. Anonymous - February 10, 2009

hi plz any one tell how to c colors tv online

128. yasmi - February 11, 2009

hello zee,im great fan of zeetv of mu but so sad to say im fed up with repeated programs such as same film to see twice thrice n more in a month thats disgusting,we ve got loads indian films since years why repeating the same features to fool us,,,sorry but hope in future it wont b the same,,,,and all my best,,,,,,,,for the futur,,,,,,,

129. krishnadev - February 11, 2009

hello zeetv n members,,,,i like your programs lots but all the serials on n off the same types of life stories i wish there must be more romantical happiness cute n peaceful type of films in the futur,,coz that is the cause of actual life dramaticals life causes,,people see lots of hatred films ie why even in allhouses there is quarels hatred n all please show diferent typ of films mor n please just on ur programs just put wat age 2 see wat films thx u in advanc all ze best gudluck

130. Moinullah Khan - February 13, 2009

please show diferent typ of films based on Muslim Culture in Saudi Arabia during the first and second caliphs of Islam in 633 A.D. mor n please just on ur programs just put wat age 2 see wat films thx u in advanc all ze best gudluck

131. amandeep singh maan - March 3, 2009

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137. kpk - April 10, 2009

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138. sanam - April 25, 2009

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139. Certs - May 1, 2009

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140. Pravin kumar Ghosh - May 3, 2009

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142. mustajab - June 29, 2009

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145. Vijay Khandekar - October 14, 2009

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146. amal - October 15, 2009

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150. Andy - January 3, 2010

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