Don’t Blame the Web When Newspapers Die

John C. Dvorak examines the causes of declines in newspaper readership in PC Magazine:

Syndication. Local papers have become cookie-cutter products loaded with syndicated material, mostly from The New York Times, The Washington Post, and the Los Angeles Times. Filling space in the San Francisco Chronicle with New York Times articles saves money, but many people now just get the Times instead.

This might be one industry where the US emulates India. In India, major national newspapers completely dominate the media landscape.

One point which John misses is customization. Today readers demand (and get from niche websites) increasingly customized news and opinion. They no longer want to scan through 50 pages to read 2-3 articles they might be interested in. As for "news" we are no longer dependent on the newspaper with media like Internet and TV delivering news in real-time.

Also, couldn't help having a hearty laugh at John's use of the word "disinterested". Obviously John hasn't attended any Journalism School 🙂 (Hint, John: disinterested means unaffected by self-interest, fair, impartial; it is not the same as uninterested).

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