Inaugural post!

So I finally decided to take the plunge into the delirious and effervescent blogosphere after overcoming a serious inertia – the dreaded "writer's block". I coined the word exertia for the blog – standing for the opposite of inertia – a continuous state of change.

I wish to credit the people/groups who made this journey possible:

  • Rajesh Jain's blog Emergic, of which I have been an avid reader.
  • Several books which I referred to, especially one worthy of note: "We Blog: Publishing Online with Weblogs"
    by Paul Bausch, Matthew Haughey, Meg Hourihan
  • The enthusiastic team at WordPress for hosting such a wonderful free service. Keep it up (no pun intended)!

I evaluated various blogging services and short-listed two: Blogger and WordPress. Both of them had their own strong points but finally I tilted in favor of WordPress especially because of the categorization feature and the in-built stats. Of the two, I feel Blogger is good for beginners but WordPress really comes into its own with its feature-rich package. Here's a very interesting Blog software comparison chart which should help you in making up your mind.

7 thoughts on “Inaugural post!

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  4. Thanks Shirley, for your encouraging comments. Your blog is very well-written and interesting, especially the post Ten Reasons to Blog! And I see that you’ve gathered quite a loyal audience too! Great work, keep it up and all the best…


  5. Wow, I’m impressed with your preparation to begin blogging. I’ve been blogging a couple of months, and came to it in an entirely different way. But, I’m loving it. I’m sure you will do well, have lots of fun, and be a blessing to other people. You have been to me, already.



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